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StMarks Comments
Samuel Gaus , 2008
I really enjoyed my time at St Marks, it was close to the university and the landlords were really easy to get hold of at any time. My mates really liked the place.
Lara Brown 2009
I was so happy with moving to St Marks after having looked around for places in Leeds for a good month before moving in. The social aspect is great and the location is just right.
James Mortenfield 2008
I had initially chosen Unite as my accommodation in Leeds City Centre, but when I realised I could be closer to the University, I decided to go with St Marks. Having lived here for 2 years it was the ideal choice for me as a Student in Leeds.
Jennifer Connelly 2012
I met my university friends at St Marks and we are still friends even after University. I moved in 2008 and found the place to be really great for location and close to every thing you need, not to mention town just being a 5 minute bus journey. Great all round!
Simon Claymore, 2011
I was really happy with my stay here. The registration process was easy and the students you meet are for life, would definitely recommend to anyone looking to study in Leeds.
Jane Lo, 2011
I made lots of new friends here and the location was just perfect. The facilities are great also.
Hariett Withen, 2012
From the very beginning I knew I wanted to live here as it had everything I wanted - the location, the people. I settled in really quickly and with such an international bunch of people. Really enjoyed my stay here. Thanks
Mike Clayton, 2012
Lovely place to stay when you are studying in Leeds. Met some really nice people and still friends with them. You can not beat the location...
Jessica Pentland, 2012
The rooms are comfortable, quiet and reasonable rent for the accommodation you get. Pleased I chose this place over others.
David Basong, 2012
Met some long term friends in St Marks, really became a home away from home for me.
Andrea Asolfi, 2012
The most comfortable place I have stayed in, and I\'ve lived in a lot of places around Leeds as a student....was very pleased with the security and the quiet location.
Patrick Rumley, 2012
Having come from the U.S I wanted a place that was close to the University and where I could meet a lot of people. St marks is a great place to stay for Internationals. I recommended it to other people I know who are coming to study in Leeds.
Victoria Kilk, 2012
Surprised at how close this was to Leeds University. My flatmates were really nice. Thanks for all the help settling in.

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